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Dermal filler

what is it? 

Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical treatment to enhance facial aesthetics and address signs of ageing on the face and body.

Treatment Overview

Dermal Filler


Depending on the treatment type, it can enhance facial features such as the lips and jawline, restore lost volume, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. These treatments are often performed to achieve a more symmetrical or natural plump appearance.

At Skinlux, we always strive for natural results without that overfilled look. Our highly skilled Registered Cosmetic Nurses administer treatments that complement your natural facial features while making you feel comfortable.

Click below to book a complimentary consultation. During the consult, we will discuss treatment suitability and a safe treatment plan tailored to your goals.

Dermal Filler

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Australia, we are not permitted to promote or mention the product's brand, nor are we permitted to state the ingredients. We can only advertise it as "Dermal Filler." At Skinlux, only use quality products that are approved by the TGA.

Additionally, cosmetic injectables can only be administered in Australia by Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses who have a current AHPRA registration.

Before any treatment, we require a complimentary consultation to examine your medical background, allergies, and discuss potential treatment risks, recovery, and other factors to assess the suitability of this treatment.

Prior to the treatment, a high-potency topical numbing cream will be applied to help with your comfort. We also use ultrafine needles and different techniques to ensure the treatment is as painless as possible with little to no downtime.

During the treatment, majority of patients report that the treatment is not painful. Our Registered Nurses at Skinlux will ensure that you are comfortable at all times.

Patients typically see noticeable results in 3 to 5 days, with the full effect in 2 weeks. The effects will usually last 6 to 12 months. Please speak with your Registered Nurse to discuss a safe and personalised maintenance treatment plan that suits your needs.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid this treatment.


Book An Advanced Skin Consult


Our Advanced Skin Consults are led by your therapist to help navigate your way to better skin. You will receive an in-depth skin analysis and report with our cutting-edge Meicet Skin Analyzer machine.


Your therapist will go through your diet, skin routine (if any), supplements and lifestyle habits to understand your skin health.


Following an in-depth skin consultation, you will leave with a customised treatment plan that is tailored to your skin concerns, goals, and budget.

client letters

The girls at Skinlux Booragoon are very friendly, caring and flexible. I also appreciate their honesty and level of knowledge with the treatments they offer. Their store can get busy, yet they always look relaxed and willing to help, never stressed or rushed. It is also very easy to get in touch with them to change appointments or ask post-treatment questions. I feel well taken care of!

Claudia Bernedo

I have become a regular client of Skinlux since moving to the suburb in 2019. My favourite skin specialist consultant is Narelle. I am old school, I prefer the hands on touch to technology. Narelle has introduced me to treatments which combine both and still allow me to leave feeling nurtured and nourished. My most favourite treatment is the Deluxe Signature Facial. What I appreciate the most is the consistency of excellent service, attention to detail and friendly efficient manner in which all treatments are carried out with care. The second thing I love about this place is that it is situated outside of the Garden City, so that I do not have to enter the shopping centre but have the choice of whether I would like to peruse the shops or not either before or after or not at all.

Sorelle Miller

I love how the ladies at skinlux have personal experiences with the treatments offered as it makes me have confidence in my treatment choices. I always feel comfortable & safe around the ladies and would / have highly recommend the clinic to my friends & family.


I Absolutely Loved it here, I had the most amazing, relaxing Microdermabrasion facial. My therapist honestly did such an amazing job, she was the sweetest most kind person. She knows exactly what she is talking about I can tell her love is for Beauty! I’ve never walked out of a workplace that happy and pleased with the staff and treatments.

Ashlee Ascenso

The ladies at Skinlux are amazing. I was given great consultation and guidance as I prepared for my wedding last year - and had a beautiful, glowing complexion on the day! The Diamond Polar RF treatment gets a big recommend from me - the effects last months!

Claire Bauskis

I have been coming here for years now for various IPL treatments. I have had a number of different staff, and all have delivered such amazing customer service. Everyone is always so welcoming, knowledgeable, respectful, and make the process a breeze!


I had the best facial of my life at Skinlux! The products they use are such high quality and I left feeling amazing. I walked in with a tired dry skin and came out fresh as a daisy and relaxed as well. I'll definitely be a return customer.

Danniell Sansbury

I really like the way the staffs approached and help me find the best treatment for my skin, their advices really help me a lot, I’ve seen a lot of difference and improvements since I did my treatment sessions. Very satisfied with service. Thank you guys🤗

Ky Basa

All staff handles the job as well as hygiene procedures professionally. I was unsure about what products would suit my skin and within minutes I was guided into the perfect skincare products that my skin needed. And, a big plus for me! All their products are vegan and cruelty free


I just love it here! The girls are so kind and gentle and welcoming and professional and knowledgeable. The treatments are amazing and they go way beyond anywhere else I’ve been. It’s always such a treat for the soul with amazing results for my skin!

Madden Finance

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