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Skinlux Face & Body is a private boutique clinic located in Booragoon, adjacent to Garden City Shopping Centre. We are dedicated to restoring aesthetic confidence with advanced technology, clinical treatments, dermal therapies, and cosmetic injectables.

We believe that self-confidence can impact people’s everyday lives and that is why we started this clinic since 2007. From relaxing skin treatments to more intensive treatments, we have a variety of treatments to suit our client’s needs, skin goals and budget. We offer the most up-to-date, innovative, and globally-recognised skin treatments and therapies.

At Skinlux, you are not a number. Unlike most in-and-out clinics, we only offer clinical treatments for the best results without rushing your treatment. We take the time to build a relationship and understand your holistic skin needs while offering a tranquil experience.

our goals

the mission

Our goal is to help as many clients to achieve their skin goals at their own pace. This is why we offer a range of premium home care and in-clinic treatments at competitive prices.

By staying true to ourselves and our mission, we have grown rapidly over the years through word of mouth and referrals. If you have been a Skinlux client, we thank you for your trust and referrals. If you haven’t already, we would love it if you could take a few minutes to leave a quick review on Google

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Meet our experts


Clinic Manager & Director

Since I was a teenager, I’ve always been passionate about skin health. Getting into the beauty and cosmetic industry opened my eyes to more knowledge in terms of how amazing skin works. 

 I would often see clients with acne, ageing skin, and hormonal problems that affect their skin to the point where it affects their self-esteem. When I was able to help them improve their skin condition, I felt extremely rewarded after seeing how their lives have also changed with this newfound confidence. 

Ageing is inevitable, but not looking your age is 100% achievable with the right treatment and help. I believe in how you look at yourself reflects on how the way you interact with the people around you. If you look good, you feel good. You transfer that positive energy to the people around you.

I also enjoy educating our clients with information backed by science, to help them understand how their skin can improve by using active ingredients and quality skin treatments rather than believing the bubbles of social media. 

I wanted to help more people with their skin with a higher quality of service and treatment, rather than being treated like a number. This is why I founded Skinlux Face and Body and I haven’t looked back since! 

My favourite treatments are meso-infused skin needling and nano-fractional resurfacing RF. This makes my skin look and feel healthier with minimal downtime so it doesn’t interfere and affects my everyday routine.  These treatments also boost and stimulate collagen production which combats ageing and prevents fine lines to show up in the future which is really important especially as I’m leading into my mid 30’s. 

Aside from treatments, wearing SPF 50 everyday rain or shine is a must. This prevents future skin damage. ❤️

Skincare! 😂  With my time being very limited, I enjoyed being with my 3 yearold and my husband doing nothing or doing something. During the weekends, I enjoy going out to a cafe for a good cup of coffee, or any family-run local cafes or restaurants. I also enjoy trying foods I haven’t tried before. To end the night, a bottle of wine or a movie night will do the trick! 


Registered Nurse & Cosmetic Injector

Being a cosmetic injector is a rewarding career path for me. I enjoy seeing people feeling more confident and being the happiest version of themselves with my help. 

I have been seeing heaps of strong women juggling with kids, career and looking after themselves which I really admire! But they often feel worn down and would like to look younger and refreshed.

This is why I love what I do as I get to be part of the reason why they feel amazing and more like youthful self.

I personally love anti-wrinkle injections (wrinkle relaxants) as it is a preventative treatment for the lines and creases. So you look much younger, youthful and refreshed without any invasive surgery or treatments. I also like any collagen induction treatment.

I love to play guitar and i used to play in a band. During my weekends, I enjoy playing sports and spending time with family. Then I like to unwind over a pint of beer to cap off the week.


Senior Dermal Therapist

Struggling with dark body hair through my school years and being teased for having hairy legs through high school first sparked my interest in beauty therapy and especially hair removal. Wanting a better option than shaving I started out with waxing and wanted to help others with a more permanent solution so began specialising in electrolysis. As technology advanced I then went on IPL hair removal. From here I discovered how effective IPL was for also rejuvenating the skin and found a passion for treating all skin concerns.

I have been in the beauty industry for over 20yrs now! Starting straight out of high school I loved making people feel good and look good, so started my path as a Beauty Therapist. I always wanted to travel the world and work as a beauty therapist which I was lucky enough to do in my twenties. Gaining so much experience from this and other managerial roles I decided to open my own business as a Medi Spa.

While I loved this it was hard juggling a family and a business so decided to take a step back from the business side of things which has led me to Skinlux. I have been here for the last 8yrs now. I really enjoy the work-life balance I now have and especially at Skinlux because I have the opportunity to learn new technologies and techniques and keep up with the best and latest advancements within the industry. It is a beautifully presented clinic and a lovely environment to come into work everyday.

Any Resurfacing treatments like Peels,  Nano Fractional Radio Frequency and Skin Needling. I love treating and improving pigmentation and these treatments is the best and safest for delivering results.

We can really change and improve our client's skin. Now that I am 45yrs old I am quite interested in the anti-aging treatments we offer and love the results from HIFU and Diamond Polar Radio Frequency. LED is also another favourite of mine for general brightening and rejuvenation with zero downtime!

I love yoga, bike riding, walking our 2 dogs Ridgeback-  Rhocco and American Staffy -Bronte ❤ My weekends usually consist of running around after my two daughters - Dancing, gymnastics, Netball, sleepovers... if we are not camping or heading away.

I also enjoy watching the West Coast Eagles so often revolves around when they are playing. I also love tapas-style restaurants and Japanese teppanyaki!

client letters

The girls at Skinlux Booragoon are very friendly, caring and flexible. I also appreciate their honesty and level of knowledge with the treatments they offer. Their store can get busy, yet they always look relaxed and willing to help, never stressed or rushed. It is also very easy to get in touch with them to change appointments or ask post-treatment questions. I feel well taken care of!

Claudia Bernedo

I have become a regular client of Skinlux since moving to the suburb in 2019. My favourite skin specialist consultant is Narelle. I am old school, I prefer the hands on touch to technology. Narelle has introduced me to treatments which combine both and still allow me to leave feeling nurtured and nourished. My most favourite treatment is the Deluxe Signature Facial. What I appreciate the most is the consistency of excellent service, attention to detail and friendly efficient manner in which all treatments are carried out with care. The second thing I love about this place is that it is situated outside of the Garden City, so that I do not have to enter the shopping centre but have the choice of whether I would like to peruse the shops or not either before or after or not at all.

Sorelle Miller

I love how the ladies at skinlux have personal experiences with the treatments offered as it makes me have confidence in my treatment choices. I always feel comfortable & safe around the ladies and would / have highly recommend the clinic to my friends & family.


I Absolutely Loved it here, I had the most amazing, relaxing Microdermabrasion facial. My therapist honestly did such an amazing job, she was the sweetest most kind person. She knows exactly what she is talking about I can tell her love is for Beauty! I’ve never walked out of a workplace that happy and pleased with the staff and treatments.

Ashlee Ascenso

The ladies at Skinlux are amazing. I was given great consultation and guidance as I prepared for my wedding last year - and had a beautiful, glowing complexion on the day! The Diamond Polar RF treatment gets a big recommend from me - the effects last months!

Claire Bauskis

I have been coming here for years now for various IPL treatments. I have had a number of different staff, and all have delivered such amazing customer service. Everyone is always so welcoming, knowledgeable, respectful, and make the process a breeze!


I had the best facial of my life at Skinlux! The products they use are such high quality and I left feeling amazing. I walked in with a tired dry skin and came out fresh as a daisy and relaxed as well. I'll definitely be a return customer.

Danniell Sansbury

I really like the way the staffs approached and help me find the best treatment for my skin, their advices really help me a lot, I’ve seen a lot of difference and improvements since I did my treatment sessions. Very satisfied with service. Thank you guys🤗

Ky Basa

All staff handles the job as well as hygiene procedures professionally. I was unsure about what products would suit my skin and within minutes I was guided into the perfect skincare products that my skin needed. And, a big plus for me! All their products are vegan and cruelty free


I just love it here! The girls are so kind and gentle and welcoming and professional and knowledgeable. The treatments are amazing and they go way beyond anywhere else I’ve been. It’s always such a treat for the soul with amazing results for my skin!

Madden Finance

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